Thursday, March 17, 2011

1-2(200NL) Live - Cakewalk

There is just something magical about stepping into a poker room, a room full of enthralled by this game we all love, and everyone seems to be an expert at this game; sharing stories of grandeur, keeping up with the drama and little gossips of the latest tournament pros, and the sharing of the most recent bad-beats. What the majority or these people don't realize is this: playing 68/32(lol, HUDstats) and aggressively calling opens and 3-bets out of position is not profitable. At all. Period.

I start my session at my local Indian-Casino Poker room, already expecting to be cashing out at least one buy-in(BI) if not much, much more. I quickly identified the calling stations(ATMs, lol) and made sure to squeeze every bit of value I could from them. I find it too much of a hassle to deal with the nits, but they're especially easy to maneuver against, and especially easy to determine whether or not I should be betting for value, or shutting down til they let me catch up.

 I end up playing a short session of about 3 hours, which is about a mere 120-ish hands, and ran pretty standard, so I do end up cashing out about 550-ish USD? Not the greatest result ever, but I'm not down, and I'm slowly restarting my roll, which I'm completely fine with.

Needz more 'at least' standard sessions,and to start playing online again.


  1. I wish I was good enough to make money gambling. It seems like it'd be the life!

  2. now i want to play poker, not with you though it sounds like youd kick my ass and take all my money lol

  3. You won nice pot :) I would be more than happy!

  4. interesting blog, i'm playing poker myself, not quite for a living yet, haha
    good luck to you!

  5. glad to hear your getting your bankroll up and running, keeping it is the hardest part.